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Companies listed here are major partners of AEI magazine. Clicking on the company name will open the home page of the advertiser for more information.

Advertiser Products/Services
ASM ASSEMBLYS SYSTEMS SINGAPORE PTE LTD Placement machine platform, placement software, technical services, training, product optimization
ADEX CORPORATION LCR Meter, digital milli OHM meter, high accuracy DC low-OHM meter, digital OHM meter, battery milli OHM meter, digital capacitance checker
AMIMON LTD Wireless Home Digital Interface chip sets, modules, reference designs

ANRITSU CORPORATION Test and measurement solutions (optical, transport datacom, mobile wireless communications, RF & microwave, broadcasting and media), optical devices, RF and microwave components
C UYEMURA CO LTD Surface finishing chemicals, surface finishing system, electro-plating pilot system
CKD CORPORATION Pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves, pneumatic vacuum and auxiliary components, general purpose valves, high purity chemical gas/ liquid control systems, automatic pharmaceutical packaging system, lithium ion winding machine, 3D solder printing inspecti
CMK CORPORATION Printed wiring boards
FOSTER ELECTRIC CO LTD Microspeakers, mini-microphones, hands-free headsets, hi-fi speakers

FUJI MACHINE MFG CO LTD Placement machine, placement platform, mounter, screen printer, system solutions
HD- PLC IODATA, PLC adaptor, noise filtering power strip, wireless LAN router & PLC adaptor, broadband router & PLC adaptor
HOKURIKU ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO LTD Sensors, circuit modules, high-frequency components, piezoelectric products, fixed resistors, variable resistors, fuse, tactile switch, encoder, printed circuit board
HONDA TSUSHIN KOGYO CO LTD Connectors for CF card and card kits

HOSIDEN CORPORATION Connectors, switches, DC solenoids, acoustic components, LCDs, and custom-designed assemblies
IKO-THOMPSON (SHANGHAI) LTD Bearings and linear motion rolling guides
I-PULSE CO LTD Placement machine

IWATSU ELECTRIC CO LTD Oscilloscopes, isolation systems, delay pattern generator, semiconductor curve tracers, digital multimeters, signal generators, universal counter, USB analyzers and Blu-ray disc checker
JAPAN UNIX CO LTD Soldering robot, soldering station, soldering iron, soldering pad, nitrogen gas generator, solder wire, laser soldering device, paste defoaming mixer

JUKI CORPORATION Mounters, feeders, placement monitor, assembly systems, chip shooter, dispenser, Intelligent Shopfloor solutions, Host Line computer

KIKUSUI ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Power supplies, power supply controllers, electronic load, electrical safety tester, EMC tester, harmonics and flicker tester, fuel cell impedance meter, battery/capacitor tester, jitter meter, signal generators, multimeter generator, software and accessories
KOKI COMPANY LIMITED Lead-free solder paste

MURATA MANUFACTURING CO LTD Capacitors, resistors, filters, thermistors, power supplies, modules, resonators, and sensors

NAGOYA ELECTRIC WORKS CO LTD Soldered surface inspection machine, solder paste inspection machine, X-ray inspection machine, Information equipment
NEC Display solutions, computing products, software, telecom network, enterprise network and communication, social infrastructure, electron devices

NF CORPORATION Signal generator, LCD meters, impedance/gain phase analyzer, AC voltmeter, noise meter, lock-in amplifier, measurement system, filter, frequency response analyzer, AC power sources, power amplifier, electronic load, power test instruments, function module
NICHICON CORPORATION Capacitors, EV power module, thermistors, function module, charging facilities, power supplies for accelerators

NIPPON CHEMI-CON CORPORATION Capacitors, varistors, amorphous choke coils, stepping motor, camera modules, custom-made battery chargers
NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS Telecommunication networks

OTAX CORPORATION Switches, sensors, connectors

PANASONIC FACTORY SOLUTIONS CO LTD Production modular, placement machine, inspection system, screen printer, insertion machine, die bonder, plasma dicer, dry etching, plasma cleaner, FPD bonder, solutions
ROHM CO LTD ICs, discrete semiconductors, optical electronics, passive components, modules
SENJU METAL INDUSTRY CO LTD Solder products, flux, sparkle ball, peripheral materials, soldering machine & equipment, bearings, bushing

SHINKAWA LIMITED Die bonder, wire bonder, BOF binder, flip chip bonder, bump bonder, discrete assembler, package sorter

SONY MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS CORPORATION Surface mounter, solder paste printer, printed wiring board inspection machine

TAIYO INK MFG CO LTD Dry film type build up material for PC-BGA substrate
TAMURA CORPORATION Solder paste, reflow soldering system, flux recovery unit, electronic components, broadcast equipment, wireless intercom system, network equipment, wireless equipment
TANAKA KIKINZOKU INTERNATIONAL KK Precious Metal Film Formation Methods, Electrical Relay and Connection Technology, Joining Technology, Circuit and Mounting Technology, Equipment and Measuring Devices
TDK-EPC CORPORATION Capacitors, ferrite, inductor, SAW filter products and modules, piezo and protection components, sensors
TOKYO WELD CO LTD Surface-mount device (SMD) processing machines
UNION TOOL CO PCB router drills, cutting tools, coating router, linear motion products, rolling die, sensor, spindle runout indicator
YAMAHA MOTOR CO LTD (IM OPERATIONS) Surface mounters, carterian robot, single-axis robot, SCARA robot, screen printer

YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC CORPORATION Industrial automation and control, test and measurement, semiconductor equipment, motion control, MEG systems, photonic network business

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